Diáspora Media Group, Inc, launches website

Diáspora Media Group - Website
Newark, Ca. February 27, 2013

Diáspora Media Group, Inc. launched it's website on February 27, 2013. The new Website, reflects Diaspora's effort to continue to provide the portuguese community with a vehicle to connect with other portuguese communities.

According to João Manuel Dias and Osvaldo Palhinha, soon we will have one location where organizations will be able to post their events, thus allowing teh community to better communicate and share ideas.

Although the website is still under construction, Diaspora Media Group felt important to launch it immediately to start the process.


For More Information Contact:

Diáspora Media Group, Inc.
6390 Marguerite Drive, Newark, Ca. 94560 
Tel: 510-557-7691
FAX: 510-795-7059
Internet: geral@diasporamediagroup.net



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